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Covering a pool deck

Our resin bound gravel for swimming pools is a safe and unique way to decorate your pool surround. The resin bound gravel is the perfect decoration for the garden and fits perfectly around the edge of your pool. With no joints or seams, the marble resin will give you a comfortable surface for bare feet, but also permeability to avoid water on the surface.


Outdoor resin bound gravel flooring is an ideal covering for pool decks. Design your outdoor area with comfort in mind, and make your surroundings safe from slipping. Our resin bound gravel, also known as stone carpet, is made of rolled marble granulate only. This design guarantees a pleasant feel as well as an incomparable comfort of use compared to existing floor coverings on the market.

Aesthetic design

It is recommended to use pool marble aggregate in light colours. Darker resin bound gravel floors will store more heat than lighter coloured floors. Add a new dimension to your pool deck by combining the comfort and aesthetics of our flooring.

Hard-wearing characteristics

Unlike traditional outdoor floor coverings, such as tiles or wood, the pool resin bound gravel is an “open” product. The heat storage is therefore limited even at high temperatures. It is therefore possible to walk barefoot on your pool deck without burning your feet.

The design of our draining resin flooring removes puddles, so you can enjoy your pool deck without slipping. The water will seep into the resin bound gravel and run off with the slope of the support. The quality of the adhesion with the polyurethane resin is perfectly appropriate for an optimal durability.

What is polyurethane resin?

Polyurethane resins were developed in the 1930s by Otto Bayer, a German doctor. Today there are several types that differ in appearance and texture and that are used in a wide variety of products: from linings and adhesives to shoe soles, mattresses and insulating foam. Their basic chemical composition remains essentially the same for each type.

Polyurethane resin is a binder, either having:

  • two components: a resin and a hardener
    When mixed together, they cause the hardening reaction that makes the coating very hard.
  • one component: a hardener.

Compared to epoxy resin, two-component polyurethane resin is more flexible, less sensitive to scratches, it doesn’t turn yellow and it is resistant to UV radiation.

Why choose a marble aggregate pool deck?

Marble granulate has many advantages over other coverings such as wood, tiles, artificial grass or natural stone:

  • Draining: The resin bound gravel is composed in such way as to allow for water to flow between the aggregates in order to avoid water stagnation and secure the grip.
  • Anti-slip: Our resin bound gravel is non-slip and ensures comfort in both bare and shoed feet.
  • Frost resistance: Our formulated resin offers you optimal resistance to frost. Regardless of your geographical location, our flooring meets your requirements.
  • Longevity : Thanks to our high performance UV maintenance resin, your marble carpet pool deck will have a long life.

You can choose our outdoor resin bound gravel floor for a terrace, a pool deck, or as a covering for an outdoor walkway.

For pool surrounds that match your home and decor, you can choose from a wide range of marble and quartz aggregate colours.


How easy is it to maintain a resin bound gravel floor?

The design of the product itself facilitates maintenance. When mixing resin and marble aggregate, the resin will coat and bind each marble aggregate. The resin has two functions:

  • It is used as a binder between the stones
  • And it offers great protection.

Our two-component or single-component resin will therefore plasticize the marble aggregate to make it smooth and waterproof against any dirt penetration.

Unlike resin bound gravel floor laid several centimetres thick on compacted ternary, our resin bound gravel floor, or marble carpeting, is applied to a thickness of between 6 and 10 mm. It is easier to clean a thinner floor covering with a brush or a high-pressure cleaner (100 to 120 bar). You can also use an anti-foam treatment on this type of flooring.

The absence of porous joints on resin bound gravel for terraces, pool decks or others makes maintenance even easier.

Having a pool resin bound gravel professionally installed

Our certified resin applicators will be able to give you the best advice during the technical visit and throughout the project thanks to their knowledge of the material. From the preparation of the support to the application of the product, they are involved at every stage. Calling on an expert in the field will ensure a clean and neat result with a professional finish.

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