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Originally reserved for industrial floors, microcement, or waxed concrete, has been inviting itself into our homes for a few years now. You can opt for this trendy floor covering with a raw look for the kitchen, bathroom or living room of your home. Like tiles or parquet, waxed and microcement floors have a smooth, mineral appearance. The application of microcement on the floor is the most widespread, but this coating can also be used on other surfaces such as walls, but also the worktop of your kitchen, for example.



What is waxed concrete?

Waxed concrete is a self-levelling screed of high professional quality made from special additives, aggregates and cement. Microcement is both a composite product (a mixture of aggregates, cement, water and sand) and a mineral product, which can be used for a variety of applications. The term “mortar” can also be used to refer to waxed concrete. This mortar can have an ultra-smooth appearance called waxed concrete, or a more textured finish with wood or glass inlay.

In some cases, waxed concrete can be given a unique shade with the use of pigments to give your interior a personalised finish. Numerous choices of waxed concrete colours can be offered according to your expectations and the decoration you want for your home.

Renowned for its resistance and impermeability, waxed concrete lends itself to many uses and has many advantages, both technically and in terms of the decorative aspect of your walls and floors.

The advantages of waxed concrete

Originally considered a construction material, waxed concrete has quickly taken its place in the interior of our homes. It has many advantages:

  • Aesthetics

Interior waxed concrete is not just a simple floor or wall covering: this material can also be colouredand add relief to your interior by playing with plant or fabric prints.

  • Resistance

Waxed concrete is a product that is highly resistant to water. It can therefore be used in many rooms in your home, including the bathroom and kitchen. It can be used on walls, but also on floors. Millimetre waxed concrete does not suffer from shrinkage and has a very high resistance to abrasion. These characteristics enables this product to be used to produce high performance and durable seamless floors. Due to its unique strength and high protection, millimetre waxed concrete is ideal for both new and refurbishment, interior and exterior waxed concrete to create a clean look to your surfaces. It levels very well and will give you a very smooth surface with cement screed effects.

  • Composition

Waxed concrete is a mineral resin-based product. Its formulation is based on harmless raw materialswithout VOCs and without danger.

  • Laying

Millimetre waxed concrete has unique bonding properties, which is why it is suitable for all horizontal surfaces (except parquet and linoleum). One of the strong points of waxed concrete is that it can be laid from 3 mm to 30 mm thick. This means that you can design many rooms in your home.

To be accompanied by a professional

Our professional experts in the field are available to answer your questions and provide a free customized quotation for your project. Our approved resin applicators take care of the implementation of waxed concrete on walls or floors, as well as the preparation of the surface for a quality and long-lasting result. For any further information on microcement and waxed concrete as well as its application on the floor, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on (+33), or by using our contact form below.

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