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Waxed concrete is a material with a raw, refined and elegant appearance. It can be used for floors, but also for walls thanks to its thinness. Polished concrete for flooring has become a very trendy covering for both interior and exterior decoration. You can opt for waxed concrete, or microcement, for a construction or renovation project. Professionals also use it for their offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.



Waxed concrete for indoor use

You can use microcement to cover different rooms in your interior, such as the living room, bedrooms, but also the floors in wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to its water-repellent qualities, interior waxed concrete flooring is perfectly suited to water rooms. It also retains and diffuses heat well, making it compatible with an underfloor heating system.

Waxed concrete for outdoor use

Exterior waxed concrete is very popular for terraces, patios and even house entrances. It adds cachet to the outdoor space and adapts perfectly to its environment. Resistant to abrasion, it is perfect for a terrace on which you will install a table, chairs, deckchairs, a parasol… Its rough and seamless appearance will create a continuity with your interior space for a great effect.

Why choose a waxed concrete floor?

Are you looking for a decorative floor covering to dress up your interior or exterior spaces? Choose waxed concrete flooring, which will meet your technical and aesthetic expectations. Very trendy, it offers manyadvantages:

  • Durable and resistant

Not very sensitive to impacts, its resistance to wear is a very important asset. In the kitchen, living room or terrace, the floor can quickly be damaged by chairs, bumps, etc. Waxed concrete lasts over time without losing its shine, which is very practical for walls and floor waxed concrete.

  • Easy to maintain

Waxed concrete is easy to clean with soapy water or a non-aggressive cleaning product. The absence of joints and the resistance to stains make the task even easier and prevent the accumulation of dirt. It is a floor covering particularly appreciated for its hygienic aspect. 

  • Comfortable and design

Soft to the touch, microcement is also chosen for its modern and urban design. It is suitable for both contemporary and classic decorations, and is ideal for both construction and renovation. Opting for a seamless floor can considerably increase the visual impact of the space.

Laying of waxed concrete floor

Although it is available in kit form, waxed concrete requires perfect laying to avoid cracks. Trust a professionalwho is an expert in the field to install your waxed concrete floor covering, indoors or outdoors. Microcement can be laid on different types of surfaces (tiles, concrete, etc.), as long as the surface is clean, flat and sound, thus limiting the amount of work required. Grey-tinted waxed concrete is a popular choice, but it also exists in other colours.

Our approved resin applicators will accompany you throughout your project to advise you and carry out the preparation of the surface and the application of the waxed concrete.

Are you interested? Contact our team for more information on the product, the colour, the installation and a free estimate.

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